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Order Boots and Wings The 507th Parachute Infantry's Regimental Newspaper

EQS Press is proud to announce the release of the 507th Parachute Infantry's Regimental Newspaper Boots and Wings in book form.  This book is 240 pages that includes 223 pages of Boots and Wings and a 15 page index that contains 1919 names that are mentioned throughout this publication's history.

     Boots and Wings was the 507th's Newspaper from November November 1, 1942 through September 30, 1943.  This book will also contain two bonus issues that came out after the war in Germany.  There are a total of 20 issues covering 223 pages, with everything from the infamous Denver Jump and down to company level and who was out late enjoying the Alliance Nightlife.  The release date is July 31st 2007.  The price is 49.99 plus s&h. 

Order the 507th The Complete Rosters

Contained in these pages are the jump rosters for the entire 507th Prcht Inf and the Air Corps crews who flew them, for Operation Neptune and Operation Varsity.  These are their rosters for the Jumps into France and Germany.  Also, I have included a Provisional Roster for the Battle of the Bulge campaign that contains 2435 names.

     The Neptune portion contains 120 rosters total, 3 Pathfinder Sticks from The North Witham Airfield, 72 Sticks from the Barkston Heath Airfield, and 45 Sticks from the Fulbeck Airfield.  These were designated Serials 6 from North Witham, 24 & 25 from Barkston Heath and Serial 26 from Fulbeck.  The Varsity portion contains 136 jump rosters for serials 1,2 and 3 from airfields outside of Paris.  The release date is July 31st 2007.  The price is 49.99 plus 5.95 for s&h.

As a bonus this link was the Forward to the Operation Varsity Book in 2006

Varsity Forward

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