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To Whom It May Concern at the ABMC, CMH & US Army War College:

Why does the 501st Prcht Inf have the 101st Abn Div on itís headstones at all of the ABMC Cemeteries but the 508th Prcht Inf does not?

They were all Non-Divisional Regiments, yet as mentioned the 501st Prcht Inf has the 101st Abn Div instead of Regt at the end of the headstone.

There has to be uniformity at the ABMC around the world.  There can be no difference between the headstones of Non-Divisional Regiments.  Attached is an email from the ABMC and they reference that fact along with the Center Of Military History.

This means either the 501st Prcht Inf 101st Abn Div has to be changed to 501st Prcht Inf Regt or the 508th Prcht Inf Regt has to be changed to 508th Prcht Inf 82nd Abn Div.

Also attached are two headstones showing the differences between the 501st Prcht Inf 101st Abn Div and the 508th Prcht Inf Regt.  Both the 501st Prcht Inf and the 508th Prcht Inf were Non-Divisional Regiments and attached is that documentation from the Order Of Battle US Army ETO WW2 (highlighted in yellow for the ABMC because thatís what they are, YELLOW).

I know that ABMC will whine and cry about this because they hate WWII Paratroopers in their care but they have to fix this issue. 

Brian N. Siddall

September 22, 2017


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