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I've spent 15 hours between yesterday and this a.m. (February 27, 2017) Here is the Excel Sheet with detailed information for all 138 men were in Co I as of 6 June and the 2 men who came into the company during Normandy and 3 men who were in the Hospital during Normandy for Co I but came back after Normandy.

In total for the Normandy Campaign for Co I;

(28%) 39 Present

(46%) 64 wounded but came back to Co I (60 before Holland, 4 after)

(12%) 16 Killed in Action

(14%) 19 Lost to Hospital

 (75%) 103 men (99 for Holland (72%), 4 after (3%)) came back to Co I. 

41 EM & 12 EM are the largest amount of men who came in as replacements after Normandy and 5 O as well over the next two months.  As of September 17, 1944 there were 6 O and 160 EM for a total of 166.  This means the Co was 8% larger than the Normandy Campaign.  How may actually went into Holland is a different story.  For Normandy all the men who were listed for Co I on the Morning Reports (MRs) went into Normandy.  For Holland that didnít apply.

I first posted the 138 men in Co I about a year ago.  I didnít have May or July MRs at the time.  Two days ago Stephen Hartzell sent those two months ahead and I sent him Septemberís MRs to him.  We now have April 1944 through September 1944 for the MRs.  I had one of the names listed that wasnít in Normandy.  So that will be updated on my site as well.

Stephen also sent ahead a list for Co I from May of 1944 that his father got from the Government in 1964.  Attached is the list with the breakdown as of May 9, 1944 and the changes between then and June 6, 1944.  Attached are the May 9, 1944 lists for Co I that I was working on last night.

Stephen Hartzell and I compared notes on the 138 men and the listing of the men wounded in Normandy.  I had 87 men and he had 94 as he had the MR for July.  Between the two of use we now have a total number of men in Co I.  39 men Present (which means they werenít wounded or sick for Normandy) and 96 men who were either Killed, Died of Wounds our Wounded and 3 men who were Non-Battle Casualty (Sick). 

In the Excel Spreadsheet there are 19 Columns with information about all the men associated for Normandy and Co I 502nd Prcht Inf.

Serial Number, Name, Rank, After Action with type of injury and date, Returned to Duty date and location where they came from, Lost to Hospital date and Hospital, if they were attached from another company as of June 6, 1944 (Serv Co, Med Det), Normandy Combat Infantrymanís Badge, Promotions and Dates, Furlough after Normandy locations if possible and date, Replacement men and date, and finally Left Company Date and new Unit assignment.

Using the Furlough column if that is blank then either or the RTD or LTH will have a date attached to it.  The only exception is the men KIA or DOW.  There are some CIB men without one.  They are the injured as opposed to wounded or killed.  They were confused at the time as the CIB only came into being May 11, 1944.  They had to be Infantry to receive it.  That means the Medics werenít eligible to receive one.  In May of 1945 the Combat Medic Badge came into being for those men.

The first 39 men are the ones not wounded in Normandy and were there from start to finish.  The next 99 men are the ones wounded or sick in Normandy.   They the two men who came in as almost all of the Officers and Staff Sergeants were killed or wounded.  The last three are men who were transferred out of Co I just before Normandy and sent to a Hospital.  They came back starting in late June 1944 to Co I but in England.

I have also included if there are a Hospital Admission Card as well for these men.  These are a later Hospital version of the EMTs (Emergency Medical Tag).  These reports show that on average that 80% have been done for Europe for 1944 and 1945.  In this case there are 99 men wounded/injured and there are 81 Hospital Admission Cards. 

Here is and example of one soldier who was wounded in Normandy and came back into Co I.  Cpl Dye was promoted to Sgt June 12, 1944 and was injured June 17, 1944. Sgt Dye came back into the company July 5, 1944 from the 10th Replacement Depot.  Sgt Dye also received his CIB in July and also went on Furlough July 15, 1944 to Edinburgh, Scotland.  This is just one line for the 138 men who went into Normandy.

I hope you enjoy the information for Co I 502nd Prcht Inf associated with the Normandy Campaign.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me. 

Brian Siddall


February 27, 2017



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