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Where's the Beef?
(Part 2 April 8, 2018)

Let's talk about Dave Strasz first as this one is pretty basic (and so is he). Strasz spouts on about Plumley and that Plumley is a proven War Hero. He takes his information from shall we say different sources. He has never read the actually documentation about Plumley. If he likes he can now read The Plumley Articles then he can read all of the actual documentation from this thing called the US Army.

Strasz said that I only go after dead heroes. 2 things wrong with that statement. The first, Plumley wasnít a hero, only in the movie was he a hero. Anyone who wears not one but two CIBs he isn't allowed to wear is not a hero by any stretch of the imagination. Secondly, most of the fakes and liars I exposed were very much alive at the time of the exposť, and not one came after me. Why, because there was nothing but documentation proving that. Look at Galloway, Iíve exposed him and nothing from him, nothing. Galloway Lies.

In fact Galloway as mentioned in the above link went after a veteran of the Ia Drang Campaign who was at LZ Albany. Strasz, stick to watching movies as thatís about all you can understand.

Dave Strasz also uses and as source material.  I've never even heard of either one of these sites.  The Plumley Article linked above is documentation whereas the two links just above talk but like Bando has nothing to back up their assertions.  

Next letís talk about Jim Bigley.  Bando is all talk, no documentation in this case with the Personal Effects.

Bigley should look at FM 10-63 January 1945. There is nothing in the FM that would prevent the Personal Effects from being sent home. Iíve already found three more examples in 20 minutes. I have found three more IDPFs where the family received either battle damaged items or bloodstained ones.

Please show your work where you spoke of my ďdisjointedĒ diatribe. Only a little man would hide behind a group like Trigger Time. If you notice I put my name on my work out in public.

Last point that ďdiatribeĒ you reference wasnít a diatribe at all. I was laughing when I wrote it. You people at TT really think your crap smells like roses. At least dog crap has a useful purpose as it can be used as fertilizer. Trigger Time Bando lovers just smell like crap and have no real value.

Bando lovers talk a big game but donít really contribute to real research. Trigger Time folks just keep showing up at a newly deceased WWII veteran house and see if you guys can maybe get a new 101st patch or green undies to add to your collections!

Doug Topolski who has not one but two aliases; Doug Ikslopot and Ron Rafferty.

Old Dougie boy has some issues it seems. He said Iím the keeper of the gate and wonít let information out. He isnít that smart at all of course. I have release more information than anyone as it relates to WWII only behind NARA itself. Just click on my website then go to the as I have uploaded 20,000 IDPFs and 5,000 months of Morning Reports.

But when Doug Topolski said this about me he is even further out there than Bando or Strasz. When people have multiple aliases then try to discredit someone using said aliases that means well, you can figure it out rightTopolski lied on Trigger Time when he said he emailed me and I didnít respond. He didnít as he used the alias Rafferty. Why would I respond to a liar? I do but only in an article, you know, like this one.

Topolski has tried to say why I havenít responded to DeHays. Of course I did in my article from February 22, 2018 and back in June of 2017 on FB letting people know about DeHays of FB and shared it again on FB a few days ago. You can only beat a dead horse so many times right?

Topolski doesnít know how to read as he talks about his favorite actor Durning. Only problem was that Durning wasnít the main target but a worker at Arlington National Cemetery.

Topolski is also a Plumley lover like Strasz.  Next week in Part 3 remember what Bando said about Plumley lovers.

Part 3 Next Sunday Night


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