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Ft. Benning Screws Up Again with the Plumley Plaque

Whoever initiated the Plumley plaque debacle should be reduced to Private because of their incompetence.  Plumley never should have been honored that way of course being a known fraud.  It shows that the Army will do anything to honor a liar.  Why the Army dishonors real heroes are unknown.

Here are the errors in order on the plaque.    

  1. from 1961-1965. 
    Plumley was actually there starting in December of 1960, not 1961.
  2. enlisted in the Army
    No, Plumley was in fact drafted as his ASN starts with a 3, not a 1 or 2.
  3. Command Sergeant Major
    Plumley didnít become a CSM until 15 July 1969 upon his return from his second tour of duty.
  4. 7th Cavalry Regiment
    The 7th Cavalry was a Brigade not a Regiment in Vietnam. 
  5. They have Plumley awarded the Silver Star and Purple Heart for his part in the battle of Ia Drang.  That is not correct either once again.  He received his Purple Heart in a later action in 1966.

Iím not sure why they have Plumley only living at Benning twice when he was there in 1956-1958 and from 1969-1971

The bottom line is that the Army still honors a fraud and not only that the Army canít even get the plaque right.  Benning has this as well 


Brian N. Siddall

December 10, 2017




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