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507th Parachute Infantry Article of the Day
February 4, 1943

Brig General P. Howell

Captain Hannun

Co G Forms Faker Club

Company F

Cpl Scales

1st Battalion PX Ransacked

1st Bn Mess Hall

1st Platoon of Company G

Fistic Kings

507th Beats Celtics

507th Bows to Georgia Tech

Gala Show

Headquarters, Bn. Staff

Heard In Headquarters Co

Honest John

Honest Johns Gala

Inquiring Line

It Seems to Me

Johnston Promoted to Attend School

Lt. Elmer Koehler Proud Father

Lt. Reichen Takes Over 'C' Company

Meet the Gang at Boots and Wings Editorial Staff

On The Sober Side

Pvt Dickie Elliot

Pfc O'Brien Knows Answers

Questions and Answers

Rumor About Toccoa

2nd Bn "Quite Right"

Shots From Service Mess

Stand Up, Hook Up

Supply Dump News

The Awful Truth

The Latest In War Plant Uniforms



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